The Pros And Cons Of Standardized Testing In Schools

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Standardized tests are exams that measure a student’s academic knowledge throughout the course of a semester or year. Standardized testing has been a controversial subject of discussion for years, many believe standardized tests hold teachers accountable. Although it is one method to see how a student is performing, it is not the best method and to receive funding, schools have to test their students annually. However, standardized tests are unfair to students coming from a poor educational background, they restrain teacher's creativity, as well as affect funding for schools. Additionally, the scores are accustomed into making decisions about students such as passing a level grade, graduating from high school, and being acceptance into a university. While these tests are used to assure states are covering certain topics, it has shown to be biased. Classes are becoming more test based and less flexible.
There are many alternatives to have standardized testing. I do not believe they should use it to judge how the school system is “teaching” because every school is different on what and how they teach. Every state is different and has a diverse population of students. The curriculum teachers teach is not going to be the same as what students will see on the test. Exams are forcing the curriculum to be narrow and teachers have minimum flexibility, which students need in the class. Teachers need flexibility because students do not learn the same way, some are visual learners
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