The Pros And Cons Of Technology

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Technology is a distraction

“Among the worst offenders were students at Queen Mary University of London, where there were 54 instances of cheating – two-thirds of which involved technology. At the University of Surrey, 19 students were caught in 2016, 12 of them with devices. Newcastle University, one the bigger institutions to provide data, reported 91 cases of cheating – 43% of which involved technology.” According to Technology gets in the way of learning. The issue is that students are cheating rather than putting what they actually know and that can make that students life way harder. Cause in the future you can’t cheat everything in life. Say your kid cheated on his homework, then it comes to a test, he most …show more content…

online, making it that much more difficult for teachers to know if the work their students hand in is original” according to “The Pros and Cons of Technology” by Amanda Ronan. She works with Edudemic connecting & technology. Edudemic was created in 2010 and has grown into one of the most popular destinations to cover teaching, learning, and how technology positively shapes our education. “When you look at a recent Pew survey, you find that 98 percent of the teenagers have mobile phones. That’s up from 33 percent just in 2011. So it’s available and easy to use. If I don’t get caught and everyone else is doing it, guess what? They do it as well.” Says by Nile Nickel a technology and social media expert.

“Data obtained by the Guardian through freedom of information requests found a 42% rise in cheating cases involving technology over the last four years – from 148 in 2012 to 210 in 2016. Last year, a quarter of all students caught cheating used electronic devices.” According to “Guardian through freedom of information”

Yes, technology can benefit students in some ways like for the students to get their homework done faster. But do those student’s learn from it cause all they did was look up the answer and then moved on to the next question. Also kid’s do cheat a lot on their test according to The Education Testing Service/ Ad Council Campaign to Discourage Academic Cheating they say, “73% of all test

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