The Pros And Cons Of Texting And Driving

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According to Adrienne (2017) , “Nearly 3,500 people were killed and nearly 400,000 people were injured in accidents caused by distracted driving in 2015” (P.5). Because of the rate that crashes are happening, a ban on distracted driving is becoming bigger. But will it solve the problem? Opposing the fact that people are trying to make a bigger ban on texting and driving is the best option. With the thought of laws becoming more rigorous and people's mindset becoming less alert, is frightening. We know there is a problem with texting and driving but a phone is second nature to us. We forget to realize according to Bromwich (2017), “it’s not what your hands are doing, it’s what your brain is doing” (p.2). Even the thought of a text message can distract your driving, leaving you without your full attention on the road. It’s a habit that will be continually hard to break. The law not only needs to understand that paying a fine for texting and driving is not working, but also a habit that is done by everyone is not easy to overcome.
Texting and driving has been a huge conflict that keeps rising. There is a current law banning a phone from even being visible, but the law has not hit a sweet spot when it comes to people stopping. Altschiller (2017) stated, “The Current law isn’t working and the drivers create additional problems by hiding their cell phones, causing them to look down” (p.2). In your mind, you know the difference between right and wrong, but an incident occurs

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