The Pros And Cons Of The 13th Amendment

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The 13th amendment abolished slavery and freed millions of African Americans. This was supposed to improve their lives and give them a new beginning. However, more than 30 years after the abolishment, their situation has not improved. Their right to vote was revoked in many southern states during the early 1890s. Less than 40% of black children were enrolled in schools in Georgia by 1880. Between 1880 and 1918, over 2400 African Americans were hanged. Africans had the lowest paying jobs and very few owned land. Jim Crow laws were established in many southern states to legalize segregation. Their situation was disastrous and wasn’t improving. Four respected spokespersons presented their ideas to fix this racial inequality crisis. The four courageous people who offered their alternatives were Ida B Wells, Booker T. Washington, Henry Turner and W.E.B Du Bois.
Ida Wells claimed that African Americans were still not treated equally because of their lack of voting rights and civil rights. Ida also claimed that the African Americans were holding the south together and that the south couldn’t survive without them. Ida was in favor of abolishing the Lynch law which was a major issue in many states. The Lynch law made it legal to punish “criminals” without a proper trial, and they were usually hanged. Ida said that every African American should own a Winchester Rifle to defend themselves from lynching. She claims that multiple Afro-Americans had escaped assault because they were

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