The Pros And Cons Of The American Civil War

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A holy union between a man and a woman, a union only broken by the death of one of the parties, is a marriage, and is considered one of the most important pacts that a man or woman can enter into. Marriage is a union of two willing parties that are joined together forever as one. The man and the woman have created a family by their marriage. Similarly, the union between the 13 colonies created The United States of America. Each of the colonies deliberately joined together into a single nation. This unit, like that of the family, was intended to be permanent. In chapter one of Declaration Statesmanship, the similarities of these two unions are laid out. Both unions are meant to be permanent, both join separate parties into a whole, and both are brought together by deliberate acts and declarations of unity. Though there are ups and downs in both a marriage and a united nation, they are never meant to be broken by divorce or succession. The Civil War began with a succession of the southern states from the northern states. The states had disagreed mainly on the question of slavery, which caused the Confederate States to form. This split of the nation is similar to a split of a marriage by divorce. A fight or serious disagreement may cause one of the spouses to leave, just as the Confederate States did. The Civil War was obviously very significant then, because it was a deliberate separation of states. The unity established by the Declaration of Independence had been broken.
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