The Pros And Cons Of The Electoral College

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The United States Electoral College had been a contradicting system due to the diversification of America throughout the years. The major issue with this system, however, relies on America’s own national popular vote that contradicts the Electoral College. Many citizens would rather rely on alternatives such as the national popular vote in order to make presidential elections more bearable. All systems conclude of disadvantages and advantages. Ultimately I as well as many people disagree with the Electoral College.
In the Constitutional Convention of Philadelphia (1787) the founding framers of the Constitution held a discussion about differing ways in which the people would select their leaders. The complexity of choosing a democratic way …show more content…

In the United States, a winner-take-all system is used in every state with the exception of Maine and Nebraska. This method of gathering votes means that candidates winning the popular vote in a state win all electors of the same state, ignoring the will of the people. The ignorance of individual votes is created by the inequality between the states’ population and the number of electors for each they receive to represent them based on their population. For instance, according to The Equal Protection argument against “winner take all” in the Electoral College Wyoming has three electoral votes with a population of 600,000 compared to California that has 55 electoral votes with more than 37 million people. The “inequality allocates when California has a population that is 66x Wyoming but only gets 18x the electoral college vote”. Such variation of electors throughout the states is an advantage towards candidates, but not voters. Instead, low-percentage voters are ignored which creates even more competition. Overall the winner-take-all system only benefits candidates and the voters who chose the winner in the end.
During any election candidates usually perform more effort towards swing states. The importance of the swing states to the candidates affects the citizens and their location due to swing states. A swing state is highly important to win an election because it can decide the result of an

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