The Pros And Cons Of The Sons Of Liberty

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As Colonial America grew in size and power during the 1700s, there also grew increasing tensions between colonists and the British Empire ruling over them. Originally, the colonies were a place of religious freedom and of new beginnings for the immigrants sailing across the Atlantic Ocean from Europe. As population and economy grew, so did the presence of the British Monarchy. The colonists began to revolt against the overbearing laws of Parliament, engaging in various acts of violent protest, leading to the American Revolution. Behind these revolutionary efforts was a secret organization known as the Sons of Liberty. Famous members like Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Benedict Arnold, and Paul Revere banded together to organize in places like the famous Liberty Tree and taverns across the city of Boston to plan out their attacks, remaining anonymous to the colonies and the government. Starting the revolutionary hub of Boston, the group later expanded to New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Philadelphia during the sparks of revolution across the colonies. There is great controversy over whether or not the Sons of Liberty were a patriot organization or a terrorist organization. Patriotism is defined as having great love and support for their country, whereas, terrorism is defined as the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially political purposes. Based on their actions and characteristics, there is greater evidence proving the Sons of Liberty should be

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