The Pros And Cons Of The Syrian Proxy War

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Syrian war efforts are muddled to say the least – with the involvement of the US, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Jordan, the Gulf States, and regional demographic/political/military groups ranging from ISIS to Hezbollah and the Kurds, the chaos is boundless. With blurred lines in loyalty and even less agreement among the political & military groups that have loosely banded-together, it has precipitated the perfect storm for abandonment of agreed upon international law by many, if not all parties involved. United States and Russian interests are diametrically opposed in this Syrian proxy war, and both have used force when it seems specifically prohibited to do so under the UN Charter 2(4). Speaking from a formal standpoint, it seems objectively true …show more content…

Russia and the US have been hurdling just accusations of violations against international law practically since their involvement started. The primary issues at hand have been the lack of diplomatic action and unilateral military decisions made without consent of the UN Security Council. In 2015, brief but high level diplomatic meetings were conducted after the Iran nuclear deal was reached, but yielded nothing to speak of and too late (NYT Editorial Board, 2015). In May of 2016 it was announced that several policy experts and ex-officials agreed that Assad’s removal as a requisite for resolution of the Syrian conflict must be rescinded in order to achieve an actual agreement; one official stated that it is no longer a “question of morality of Assad, but the practicality” (Allam, 2016) However, this was prior to Trump’s taking office and prior to an expression of concern or interest in the region on his part. All of that changed with the April launch of sarin attacks against Syrian civilians

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