My Responsibility As An American Citizen

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Mr. President:
I feel it is my responsibility as an American citizen to offer you a critical perspective, in regards to the crisis in Syria, perhaps not seen through the eyes of someone in your distinguished position. Let me speak the words that a share of our fellow citizens have had silenced by the authority of power figures who claim that the United States has an obligation – an obligation to seemingly “mother” other countries, providing protection against any and all harm. I will admit that the conflict overseas is undoubtedly a tragedy and by no means should it be overlooked. However, it is not the responsibility of the United States to play peacemaker among nations, and it certainly does not allow for the disregarding of our own immediate issues.
The United States is nearly $18.5 trillion in debt and can hardly support its own citizens, let alone a new influx of Syrian refugees. This year, it cost the U.S. $1.1 billion to bring 70,000 refugees to our country, which is roughly $15,714 per person (Somanader). Those who claim that the U.S. is behind in their efforts to assist Syrians during this crisis are very wrong; the U.S. government has been, and is currently, leading the world in response to the issue at hand, providing $4.5 billion towards healthcare and basic necessities for those suffering in Syria and its neighboring countries. We are already “the world’s largest bilateral donor of humanitarian aid” and simply cannot afford to use our resources to both

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