The Pros And Cons Of The United States Prison System

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Our prison systems are outrageous. Dealing with false sentencing, death penalty, rules and regulations, inmates, well-being, and how their being treated in these prisons. Yes, they are criminals, but they are not supposed to be beat and uncared for in these places, they are supposed to be there serving time for the crimes they have committed. There are no words to explain the wrongdoing that is being done in each of the prison in the United States. It’s stated that the United States prison systems are under the strict authority of the state and federal government, imprisonment is a synchronized authority operated under the Constitution of the United States of America. “(How Does the U.S Prison System Work? “Classroom synonym). The system works in various ways. For example, if the person commits a less serious crime like misdemeanors hey will have a shorter local jail sentence, a lot of the time they will not be sent to prison but will have a different type of punishment like probation, community service hours, and even classes based on the crime the committed. For instance, for a DWI they can be sent to AA classes depending on what the judge may want to choose.
An issue in the system that is concerning most people today is death penalty. Death penalty is a type of punishment criminals will receive depending on how bad the crime they have committed. It is still allowed in many different states in the U.S allowing prisons to murder a criminal for a crime they are being

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