The Pros And Cons Of Water Rights In The State Of California

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For many years, Palo Verde Irrigation District has been a key player in the state’s water debate.
Given first water rights in the state of California for use of the Colorado River, on Aug. 7, PVID filed a lawsuit against the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.
Entering into a 35-year agreement with MWD in 2004 for the transfer of water through the land-fallowing program, the once working relationship between the two water entities have now come at a standstill.
Filing a case against the Metropolitan Water District and also citing five real parties of interest, according to case number RIC1714672 with the Riverside County Superior Court, PVID’s action to sue the state’s largest municipal water agency came about due to …show more content…

Thus, if landowners continue moving vast amounts of water from the valley, this could hurt Blythe in one or two ways; less business being done here (without potable water, new businesses will not come per Public Director Armando Baldizzone), which could result in the steady rate of unemployment, that leads to less money being spent in shops.
In their submitted statement of the lawsuit, PVID shares that, “[moving] farm water to cities are threatening the viability of agriculture in one of the oldest farming valleys on the river, which is central in helping us achieve a sustainable water future.”
However, according to the agreement made 13 years ago, MWD Chairman Randy Record said the agreement between MWD and PVID would not hurt local farmers of the valley, as they are given access to the Colorado River.
Making payments to farmers, who are part of the fallowing program to conserve landowners’ water use for not putting their land in production, as agreed, per the fallowing contract, PVID has only purchased 22,000 of the 26,000 acreage of land.
Yet, in the introductory statement to the respondent party, “PVID brings this action under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Public Resources Code sections 21000 et seq., to challenge Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s (MWD) determination that six leases it approved and executed for

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