The Pros And Cons Of Whiteness

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whiteness is basing the fact of state of belonging to a human group having light-colored skin. A person expressing or identifying themselves socially, attaching experiences, or even set of characteristics to either white race and/or white skin. Whiteness comes with a wide variety of privileges which assist with the association and perception. For example, positive relationships with police, favored at schools, learning about "white” race in schools, escaping violent stereotypes associated with whiteness, and a host of many other benefits. Even when describing race such as African American, Indian American, or Mexican American their common phrases used on applications, stated verbally, or on a host of other documents. Versus “European American” or Caucasian Americans labeling is unheard of within our society. There is no differences between white, black, Asian, or Hispanic because we are 99.99% made of the same genetic code. So what makes people think, act, and treat others differently? Are these actions taught at a young age or possibly altered as a person grows due to certain experiences? The answers to both these questions depends on the upbringing and perception others have towards one another. Change can only be present if a person is willing to engage in unity. There is a thing as light skin/dark skin debates that reveal the truths of how people interjection of step back from an individual’s skin color and the way they are treated. For example our forty forth
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