The Pros And Cons Of Witchcraft

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(“Tisk, tisk, tisk”), “are witches really taking over”,” is this the last time will be humans and not toedes”, “or is this all just a simple misunderstanding.” Was wanting what other people had really worth the cause. The act of overreacting about certain things, can sometimes cause others to freak out about the situation.

Welcome to the world of greed, the act of wanting something and going off to get it. It all start with womans that wanted what men had, (power). Men overruled the woman as the average men had to go work and make the cash while woman just cleaned the house, cooked, and waited for the man to get home and back to the average rooting. As you can see woman did not get to do much interesting things so one day a group of …show more content…

So as you would call it the government started thinking, well who actually saw who did witchcraft and as many people started noticing that they earlier saw the girls do witchcraft and the ones who did, then were brought to court and then sentenced to death (death weapon used was rope). So people started thinking, wait everyone who thinks they saw someone do witchcraft tells the government and the odds of them getting sentenced to death is almost assured. So as people back then had a split in between wealth and poor, as you can tell that is really sad that they had a low and high class however, this is a great time for the low class to take advantage of the high class. ( men and woman marriages were way different back then, man would marry woman and so if they were married all the belongings from the woman would go to the man encase of a separation/divorcement and that could keep on going for as long as they lived.) Woman saw this as an opportunity to blame the woman from the rich side which were from the west side, so that the woman's can die and so on leaving the rich husbands without any other woman's to marry but the poor woman, which were from the east

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