The Protagonists’ Course of Life in the Texts Metamorphosis and Eugenie Grandet

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Comparing and contrasting the protagonists’ course of life in the texts Metamorphosis and Eugenie Grandet

Comparing and contrasting the protagonists’ course of life that was influenced by their relationships with money-minded characters in the texts Metamorphosis and Eugenie Grandet.

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Eugenie Grandet by Honore De Balzac and Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka are stories that reflect upon the relationships of simplistic protagonists, and their relations with money-minded people. Both protagonists (Gregor from Metamorphosis and Eugenie from Eugenie
Grandet) are affected by the actions of their greedy relatives that influences the course their entire lives.

Eugenie starts off living with her miserly, yet wealthy …show more content…

The strong desire for money or luxury has distinguished the characters’ humane feelings in the two texts. Mr. Samsa and his family move away from Gregor since he loses the ability to produce money for them by turning into a bug. Gregor’s family now do not need him, hence
“his family closed the door quickly behind him” and keep him locked away in his lonely room. For a while, Gregor’s sister, Grete takes good care of her brother and continues to love him, but unfortunately that does not last very long, and she is forced to get a job and go to work. That way she spends less time with her brother, and soon she develops a sense of disgust towards Gregor, and so she stops visiting him and left him in isolation. Similarly Charles, Eugenie’s love drifts away from Eugenie for financial purposes. Charles’ determination to regain his wealth and his father’s honour makes him leave Grandet. Ironically Grandet finances Charles’ initial steps by giving away her precious ‘coin box’ to Charles. He then returns after seven years and takes more money from Eugenie, just so that he can marry another wealthy girl, leaving his beloved in solitary, and
Eugenie supports him out of the love she has for him. Both protagonists lose their most loved ones, simply because their loved ones run away from their emotional attachment because of materialistic attachments. In both texts the protagonists are the ones

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