The Psychology Of Gestalt Therapy Essay

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Psychology is not only fascinating or extraordinary, it has opened concepts greater than human understanding. Beginning in 1897, the human mind has been under heavy study, and through the invention of Gestalt therapy, it has helped tremendously. Fritz Perls, the founder of Gestalt therapy, although deceased his presents is felt everyday through Gestalt therapy. Gestalt therapy has training for anyone who might be interested into going into its practice.
There are many facilities around the world that specialize in the training of the practice of Gestalt therapy. Among these facilities are The Gestalt Therapy Institute of Philadelphia, The Gestalt Therapy Institute of New Zealand, and The Irish Gestalt Center. Some universities offer post-graduate programs for Gestalt therapy, and usually take about two years, or 130 hours. Psychologist and advanced practice along with other fields of study receive training in Gestalt therapy.
An Irish Gestalt therapist by the name of Sean Gaffney explored the concepts of Gestalt therapy through groups. He classified three dimension groups through his research. These dimensions were individualism, familyism, and collectivism. Individualism is self-defined, and is generally seen in countries such as the United States, Great Britain, and Europe. Familyism focused on the concept of family, it is commonly seen through the Jewish and Arab cultures. Last but not least is collectivism. Japan and Korea are areas were collectivism is often found, and

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