The Psychology Of Sports Gambling

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The psychology of sports gambling is involved right from the start. Sports gambling can be as innocuous as being part of a fantasy sports pool at work or playing the odds of a horse race. People get excited from the risk of wagering and potentially losing their well-deserved cash, and in some cases the result is exhilarating! There's the monetary upside to sports gambling however there can likewise be a danger when for a few people, sports gambling turns into a sports gambling addiction. For sports gamblers their lives often revolve around it. Betting on sports is more than just making a pick and hoping that it wins. Its a long process that goes into it, from studying and analyzing who to bet on, to the buildup to the game, to watching the…show more content…
There are individuals who make bets once in a while just for the enjoyment, and even if they lose, they don’t get that affected. Then there are those who make a long-term investment and the outcome is not likely for many to do well. When someone is too deep into sports gambling they start to have a mental illness, and start living a separate life from everyone else. Sports betting can cause a great deal of depression, stress related problems, anxiety and lack of sleep. It's hard to fathom having your house, your future, and your children's future on the line for one single game; unfortunately that's what happens in many cases. It doesn’t only affect the gambler; it affects the people around them. It hurts relationships with their family and friends. Usually sports fans have the enjoyment of watching a game, but it’s not so enjoyable when they have their money on the line. It’s unhealthy when they sit and watch games all day long where all their focus is on the TV and the Internet. Eventually they start to lose the people they love, lose their job, most likely drink more, and lose a huge amount of money that will leave them at the lowest point in their…show more content…
Sports gamblers seem to believe they are very clever gamblers. They think that with knowledge and experience, for example, a player's statistics, coach’s habits, climate conditions, and stadium capacity, that they can anticipate the result of an outcome of a game better than any other average
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