The Psychology Of Success By Carol Dweck

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Enrique Hernandez Ms. Milliner EES21QHO4 1-20-2017 Final Paper When coming to understand both mindset and grit we come to a realization that it is all in your head. One can not physically hold grit. You can not purchase mindset anywhere either. To fully have a hold of grit and mindset a person has to do some inner soul searching within themselves. To understand the basics of grit, we first have to understand mindset. I feel that having the right mindset is an essential because it is the direction in which you choose to go in. Mindset is all about the starting point of a person’s way of thinking. It is the format or the outline of the …show more content…

Having a growth mindset can not always be for everyone. Saying that anyone can have this type of mindset is like saying everyone should be able to walk as soon as their born, it simply can not happen. People can always adapt to to growing or if they can not grow maybe find a alternative to growth like many disable children who have special and personalized help from a professional, it is not always for everyone. Understanding grit can be a rather large connection with the two definitions of mindset. In a more generalized term grit is all about determination. With being gritty as some people like to call it, it is about staying with a task and continuing with making yourself better. In the article “ Angela Duckworth and Research on “Grit” it states her definition of grit, such as the article stating “she defines grit as “sticking with things over the very long term until your master them.” In addition, grit is about trying hard not being smart. There have been many situations where having grit can lead you to mastering a certain task that one may find difficult. Such as the topic that was touched on the most in the article was going through college and how that may sometimes have a person challenging themselves to try harder than those who are seen as smarter. Such as in the article where it states “ all students at an Ivy League school- people who are not as bright as their peers “compensate by working harder and with more determination” (pg15).

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