The Psychosocial Development Of Infants And Children Essay

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The psychosocial development of infants and children is a topic that has been studied by many. Per the Psychology textbook by Ciccarelli, personality and the formation of relationships begins with psychological and social development during infancy and childhood (p.328). Personality is shown through temperament, a child’s temperament in relation to their primary caregiver’s temperament will determine what style of attachment the child forms with the caregiver (p.330). Attachment is very important for infants and young children to form emotional bonds. There are four styles of attachment secure, avoidant, ambivalent, and disorganized-disoriented. Secure attachment is the most important style of attachment. Those with secure attachment have a developed sense of self that will carry through to adulthood, and lead to positively affected relationships.
The ability to form secure attachment begins with temperament. Temperament is the behavioral and emotional characteristics that are almost completely established at birth and demonstrate how every person has a different personality (p.328). Researchers Chess and Thomas identified that there are three basic styles of temperament; easy, difficult, and slow to warm up. Infants that are considered to have an “easy” temperament are those that adapt well to change, are overall happy, and soothe easily after distress (p.328). Infants that are considered to have a “difficult” temperament tend to be very unhappy with any degree of change,

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