The Puerto Act

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The RICO act was signed in to law enforcement in 1970 by the acting commander in chief Richard Nixon. RICO was enacted as title XI of the organized crime act and started off in full swing with the Mafia growing more powerful than the public really knew. RICO was a total game changer, not just for the gangster, but the people they so often did their dirty work with. RICO has a multitude of ways someone can by charged with a crime of racketeering. Racketeering its self, is really an umbrella of more than about 50 plus different crimes. Under RICO any person that has committed two or more racketeering offense in the last decade can be charged using the RICO act to help. Originally enacted to bring down the Cosa Nostra from running their criminal enterprise, but in order to do so “the head of the snake had to be cut off” as said by Rudy Giuliani. The bosses of the mob never got their own hands dirty they were always the ones giving orders in privet meetings with their worker men, so tying the bosses to the crimes being committed on the street was near, if not completely imposable. The best way to the damning information and evidence is; wire taps, recordings and records of all kinds. Before you can just intrude in to someones personal life like that you need a court order, because as Americans we have rights and the 4th amendment protects us from such invasion criminal or not. Before a judge will sign off on a title XI you must have hard evidential prof that someone has
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