The Punishment Of A Prison

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Inside a prison, those that are only in for a few years tend to give the guards and other prisoners the most problems. In Alabama, it was discovered that the prisoners that are in for life without parole, commit 50% less of the disciplinary offenses in comparison to the regular prisoner (Dieter). It is also found that those that have to serve a life sentence, adjust easily to prison life. In addition, these prisoners are generally successful in calming the new, younger inmates (Dieter). In many cases murderers will feel the need to repent. Craig Datesman, a prisoner in Pennsylvania recently founded an organization that is designed to help young people that are having trouble with the law set their lives straight (Dieter). Datesman explains this by saying “We have taken a life and so we feel it 's our responsibility to save a life now.” This man proves that citizens that are convicted for life can make a significant contribution to the public if given the chance. The death penalty eliminates any chance of such people being able to give back to families of victims or society in general.
Immanuel Kant, a pious Lutheran, thought the essence of morality was the Golden Rule: do on to others the way you would have them do on to you. Although this famous philosopher was not necessarily against the death penalty, his moral theories support the abolition of such a heinous act. Kant was well known for his versions of the Categorical Imperative which states that you should act in such

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