The Punk Rock : The Rise Of Punk Music

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Punk music isn’t music, it’s just punk. Punk is the most defined musical culture there’s ever been. Leather jackets, white t shirts, ripped jeans, studded bands, beat up vans, and middle fingers make up punk culture. Punk flourishes in the city. Cities are loud. Punk culture includes the people that have been forgotten, left behind the noise of everything else going on around them. These clearly identifiable characters can often be found causing trouble, drinking Red Bull, drinking beer, smoking cigs, skateboarding, and then creating mosh pits at weekend concerts. And the music. The music is fast, short, and brutally simple. The songs aggressively strip down all other commercial sounds to bare and distorted rock and roll. Behind the music and all these antics lies a driving philosophy that creates such a volatile culture: the philosophy of not giving a fuck. Punk culture doesn’t care how much money you make, how good you are at football, or what brand your clothes are. Punk culture cares about whatever they want to care about. They care about very little. They care about their fellow punk mates, their favorite bands, and all the lost souls out in this harsh world. There are two bands that really define the genre of punk: The Sex Pistols and The Replacements.

The Sex Pistols are a British spitting image of what punk rock looks like and sounds like. The group of four guys never had anything important to do, they just wanted to dress how they wanted, drink beer, smoke cigs,

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