The Purpose Of Human Rights And Humanitarian Law

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humanity and human life . Human Rights and Humanitarian Law both entail obligations and rights to be fulfilled. Obligations lies on the part of state to protect human rights and to make sure human rights are not violated under international law. State has this obligation to protect, respect and fulfill human rights which means that state must desist from being intrusive and curbing the absolute delight of human rights, second of obligation of state is to protect human rights and it leads to the fact that everyone needs to be either individuals or groups protected from any kind of violations and abuse of human rights. State is obliged to make sure the protection and respect of human rights. Third obligation towards state is to fulfill which means that state is obliged in terms of taking positive action to facilitate the enjoyment of human rights. …show more content…

Purpose of this doctrine is to protect human rights in war times, to limit the sufferings, decrease the intensity of damage, and weakens the military probable of the rival and to facilitate the injured and those who are affected by the hazardous outcomes of the conflicts. Humanitarian law is a bridge between military inevitability and humanity . If we analyze Humanitarian law and Human rights law both are different in one way and the other way they have the same purpose. Both have different rules and applications but the main aim of Humanitarian and human rights law is to protect human beings from abuse. If we try to scrutinize the major differences in both laws, humanitarian law is mostly relying on the principle of distinction (between civilians and combatants) but in human rights law the most applicable difference is that this major relying principle is

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