The Purpose Of The Hippie Movement

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The Hippie Movement began in the 1960’s and is viewed as a resistance towards mainstream America as a whole. The movement was a response to the United States involvement in the Vietnam War. The Hippie Movement initially blossomed on college campuses in the United States and continued spreading abroad to parts of Europe and Canada (“Hippie Subculture”). Throughout the decades, the purpose of the Hippie Movement has changed, and its prominence has decreased. This movement began in the 1960’s with the intention of bringing social change. Today, the Hippie Movement is practiced to find a sense of identity. The Hippie Movement’s exact purpose has changed throughout several years, and today the meaning of the movement is rapidly fading.
In the 1960’s, the Hippie Movement was lead by Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac, and during this time one of the primary purposes was to separate hippies who were, followers of the Hippie Movement, from the mainstream materialistic society in the United States to establish social change. (“Hippie Subculture”). The followers of the Hippie Movement otherwise known as hippies have, “Evolved from the beats of the 1950’s and the bohemians of the decades before that, but it would be hard to see them as coalescing into anything that amounted to a distinct social movement before about 1966” (“Families and Communes” 87). Hippies preached love and were against violence. Hippies at the time were in opposition to the Vietnam War and the cruelty against

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