The Purpose Of This Essay Is To Discuss The Use Of Violence

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The purpose of this essay is to discuss the use of violence in video games and the impact it has on young people. Since the very first video game created in 1958 by Physicist William Higginbotham, which was a very simple tennis game, to the now online multiplayer games such as the call of duty series, video games have progressed massively in terms of graphics, gameplay and explicit graphical content.
Over the past few decades there has been an increase in the use of video games as a pastime (Carnagey, Bushman, Anderson-2006). In the article “The effect of video game violence on physiological desensitization to real-life violence” (Carnagey, Bushman, Anderson-2006) it states over 85 percent of video games contain some violence, and …show more content…

The article on medical daily "With Violent Video Games, It 's Quantity Not Quality That Has a Negative Effect on Teen Behaviour" (S Castillo 2015) states that British researchers looked at two hundred and seventeen teens with an almost even amount of both sexes, their playing habits and their individual personalities. This study showed that half of the females had never played video games compared to 13 percent of the males who had. While sixteen percent of the males in this study spent three or more hours playing whilst just three percent of females in the study did the same. This showed that the kids who played for the most length of time where the ones likely to develop behavioural problems and struggle in school.
A study conducted by Dr. Przybylski called "Electronic Gaming and Psychosocial Adjustment" where he states that electronic play has functions in similarity to traditional forms of play in terms of social skills, and identity development, he also thinks in terms of video games belonging to a category such as bad play as absurd, and that age-inappropriate gaming did not significantly impact the results when compared to movies and television shows. The study also shows that age-inappropriate gaming 's negative effects are substantially smaller than compared to those of other passive media

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