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This article provides a brief overview of existing research on the effects of exposure to violent video games. An updated meta-analysis reveals that exposure to violent video games is significantly linked to increases in aggressive behavior, cognition, affect, and cardiovascular arousal, and to decreases in helping behavior. Experimental studies reveal the linkage is causal. Correlational studies reveal a links to serious, real types of violence. Methodologically weaker studies yielded smaller effect sizes than methodologically stronger studies, suggesting that previous meta-analytic studies of violent video games do not compare to the true magnitude of observed deleterious effects on behavior, cognition, and affect. Introduction
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A few years later, in 2001, Anderson and Buschman, used meta-analytic techniques in order to combine results from empirical studies over violent video games and their effects on five different outcome variables: aggressive cognition, aggressive behavior, aggressive affect, psychological arousal, and helping behavior. Significant effects on these variables were found. Violent video games increase aggressive thoughts, behaviors, feelings, and arousal. The results also show that violent video games decrease the helping behavior. This study was performed on all different types of people: young, older, male, and female. On the other hand, “experts” in the video game industry, criticize the research literature that exists about violent video game (much like tobacco companies do with research proving tobacco can cause cancer). Research conducted by these video game “experts” do not have any science in the studies.

Study Sample
The studies performed use the same five variables as listed above in Anderson and Buschman’s (2001) meta-analysis. Any given study could contain more than one sample or the participants and some of the studies had separate results for males and females. In each sample, each of the five variables were recalculated. For each sample, nine methodological problems were examined. These nine problems are as followed:
1. Non-violent video game condition contained violence, and there was no
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