The Pursuit Of Happiness In The Contemporary Era

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The pursuit of happiness is a common zeitgeist feature that occurs across all of the humanities. The way individuals pursue this happiness varies depending on how the time period has influences them. This zeitgeist feature is especially apparent during the Contemporary era. There are many advancements in the area of technology, causing one to detach from reality. The entertainment industry allows for seriousness to be critiqued. There is a sense of paranoia stirred up by the Cold War. The contemporary era also deals with the idea of fragmentation, which stems into different areas of life. Each of these elements relate to one’s pursuit of happiness during the contemporary era, as well as past and future eras. Cinema in the contemporary era symbolizes the area in which it is born because of the high dependence on technology (Kuhns). The film 13 Conversations About One Thing provide visual evidence of this idea the pursuit of happiness and how disconnectedness plays a role in this pursuit. In the beginning, Troy is very confident and lives in the moment. He makes a comment about having to earn happiness, and he says that he has indeed earned happiness. Troy considers his pursuit of happiness to have stemmed from hard work and success. This relates back to the drive for economic prosperity within the corporate world is from the previous era. However, after hitting Beatrice with his car, he is riding in a cab, and the cab driver tells him to smile because he looks so serious.
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