The Pursuit Of Understanding Happiness

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Critically Analyze the Ideas of Personal Goals and Motivation In the pursuit of understanding happiness, there are two forms of theoretical perspectives called hedonic and eudemonic happiness. Each form of happiness represents the determinant of an individuals’ well-being. Hedonic happiness focus more on activities that bring individuals’ pleasure whereas, eudemonic happiness focus on the circumstances that influence people emotions and life’s expectations. Fisher (2010) defines hedonic happiness as the pursuit of pleasure. These pleasures may include a combination of activities such as a desire for food, sex, drugs, money or any other kind of excitement. Hedonic happiness is believed to be the most perceptible form of happiness. Hedonic happiness is can be associated with an individual’s well-being and the process which enhances different types of pleasures. Eudemonic happiness is referred to as the good life, also associated with subjective well-being and is often defined as “human flourishing” which is also linked to happiness that can be achieved by various characteristics such as; persistent, realistic, and ethical action that lean towards more meaningful purposes, which go beyond attaining simple pleasures such as; fame fortune (Aristotle, 1985). The differences between hedonic and eudemonic happiness are that hedonic happiness focus on subjective well-being whereas, eudemonic happiness focus more on an individual psychological well-being. Although each form of
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