The Pursuit of Organic Happiness

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In today's society, many are looking for the number of owned devices as an example of their success and pure happiness. From young kids to matured adults an ongoing cycle of needing materials has taken great importance as if it is a necessity to continue living. However the demand for such things has corrupt the definition of pure happiness. If one lives in communism they will ultimately not know the true meaning of pure happiness. This is what comes with the communism lifestyle. Steering away from the communism crowd is the key to happiness.

Communism is based on what others think you need not what we actually believe we want. In certain careers it is believed that you need specific brand named clothes, accessories, etc. to be the best in that specific field. From dancers to doctors, they're all alike in consistently upgrading his or her processions just as everyone in the world is. However is it always what one wants, or what one thinks they want because society has instilled the non-negotiable need for them to feel "happy." The media has developed in such a way that they now control us as people. For example in “The Grill Buying Guy,” David Brooks perfectly exemplifies this when connecting a new grill to the key to happiness for typical family men in society. He also takes it a step further and explain how some go the extra mile to buy the grill that cost the most or has the latest details to ensure that artificial happiness. “The guy will end up buying the grill with

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