Pyramid Of Giza Creative Writing

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I didn’t know what to do, should I or should I not? I felt a sudden urge, so I went with my gut. Nevertheless, I jumped… I woke up… there was sand in my mouth and dirt in my ears. I could see phosphenes as I rubbed my eyes. Up above me, was… a pyramid? I feel disoriented. So I quickly get up, scanning the area. In front of me are some small pyramids, and to the left and right were temples. Behind me was the most ineffable structure I have ever seen. It was the Pyramid of Giza. The oldest wonder of the world. If this is the Pyramid of Giza, then I am somewhere in Cairo, Egypt. Towering over everyone’s head, this structure was far beyond what I have heard about the Pyramid of Giza. In my mind, some mellifluous music was playing. It stood tall at about 406 feet. I was comparing how small the people were compared to the pyramid. I wondered how many years this took to built. My senses did not want to believe this, it was almost as if they were protesting against the idea of being stuck in ancient times. I need solutions. I look around for anyone official. I see him, with a badge, shorts, and a workout shirt, I don’t judge the official. It IS pretty warm here. I walk up to him, and he interrupts before I can say anything. “ماذا تحتاج؟” His language seems to be esoteric, so I try the classic “Hola,” which is I think… Spanish? He seems offended by my random comment and points to the pyramid. With an embarrassed look on my face, I try to fit in as I walk to the pyramid. I just

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