The Qimao And The Chinese Legend Of The Qipao

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Qipao Legend There is a legendary story from the Manchus which spread out of ancient Nuzhen tribes. One upon a time, there is a young fisherwoman lived beside the Jingbo Lake. She was not only attractive, but also brilliant and skillful. However, every time while she is fishing, her long and loosen dress always hindered her. Suddenly, an idea popped into her head: why not modified my dress for job? She got off the boat to sew and create a long multi-looped-button gown with slits, which enabled her to tuck in the front piece of her dress, thus making her easier to do her work. As a fisherwoman, she never imagined that one-day fortune had fallen on her.
One day the young emperor who ruled China at that time had dreamed about that fisherwoman. In his dream, his father gave him a missionary dream that beautiful fisherwoman with Qipao by the Jingbo Lake would be the queen. After waking up from a deep dream, the emperor commanded his servant to look for her. Soon as his men find the fisherwomen, obviously, she became queen, bringing her Qipao with her. All Manchu women started to follow the style and Qipao suddenly became popular(History and Legend of Chinese Dress Qipao / Cheongsam).
What is Qipao? The Qipao is women’s dress with a slit skirt and a very high neck. The Chinese dress has a close-fitting that designed for all ages of women, varies sizes, and among all cultures. It is also known as cheongsam in Cantonese and modern gown. The dress was first worn by old Manchu’s.

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