The Qualities Of Becoming A Successful Learner

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“Learning is the eye of the mind” (French Proverb). Our world wouldn’t be as revolutionized as it is now without curiosity, and by trying new things from our curiosity lead us to learning, Ever since we started learning we became more and more invincible the more we learned the stronger we become as human beings. Now we live in a society where we learn essential skill that are crucial for our future, but what we don’t learn is learning how to learn. The three traits for becoming a successful learner is being gritty, adapting a growth mind-set and developing good study habits.
Primarily being gritty is one of the major traits towards becoming a successful learner. Grittiness truly helps an individual become a better learner, and to grow into grittiness ambition is a must. Implying that someone is ambitious is similar to say that they are trying to stride for learning more, thrilled for wanting to understand more as well as wanting to achieve more than a set goal, target or even simply succeeding. Ambition is having a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work. Some misinterpret grit as temporary short drive that helps you achieve or recover from something, when in fact it is the exact opposite. Grit is more than having the pliancy to recover from failures, grit requires deep loyal commitments that are everlasting. To be gritty one must commit for perpetual amount of time (Perkins-Gough, 2013). In other words Grit is a strong
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