The Quality Of Standardized Patient

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Medical education has recently started to accept innovative methods of teaching. Clinical skills training in medical schools is one area of interest where if not taught properly can deprive students of proper social skills. The focus in the medical community; however, now has shifted from producing competent physicians to competent medical professionals who also posses proper bedside ettiquite.
Simulation has taken a bold role in training students of not just procedures and medical competencies, but also clinical skills. Standardized patients have provided a unique human touch in this process of simulation. Specifically those that are trained to provide feedback have become an invaluable tool to medicine. In this paper, the focus will be on the quality of standardized patient debriefing.
Debriefing in medicine has recently become a popular form of feed back in medical schools today. Extensive research shows debriefing is one of the most important parts of simulation and it is this time where actual learning occurs. However, there is little literature and research on the training of individuals who debrief in medical simulation. The styles of debriefing vary greatly and provide no standard structure for delivering such feedback. Once the gaps in debriefing can be discovered for standardized patients, it can make the process of training and maintaining a high quality of standards much easier. This study will observe the quality of debriefing done by standardized patients

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