Medical Practice Initiative

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Medical Practice Initiative. One of the main drivers of the Medical Practice Initiative (MPI), aside from patient safety, is the acquisition, maintenance, and minimization of cognitive and psychomotor skill decay of healthcare personnel. A primary focus is maintenance of military and medical skills throughout a caregiver’s career (7). There is some crossover between the CCTI and the MPI as both apply to healthcare providers, but the MPI is more closely tied to Role 3 through Role 5 skills and procedures as well as common skills and procedures performed by non-military healthcare providers during routine care delivery. Capability gaps addressed and identified as subsets of MPI are: • Fostering Clinical Excellence – Competency and Certification; • Patient Variation (Anatomical) and Pathology Scenarios; • Training Measurements – Metrics and Evaluation Criteria; and • Patient Safety. Fostering Clinical Excellence – Competency and Certification There remain many questions regarding how and why individuals learn. The optimal methods to train and educate an individual need to be studied, as well as team training for optimal outcomes. Inserting multiple variables into individual training further complicates the issue. The “See One, Do One, Teach One” method has been used in the past, however, with simulation systems, the model should move toward “See Many, Do Many, Teach Many” as it is understood that simulation systems are relevant for novices as well as for experts providing

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