The Queen Who Understood Her People

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Commonly referred to as the queen who understood the people, Victoria spent her entire childhood preparing to take the throne of England. In fact, the future Empress of India didn’t have much of a childhood. She was allowed very little freedom in her early life, which caused her to ban her mother from court upon her coronation (Turner). Victoria evidently liked to be in control of things and certainly used this to make her mark on history. As the longest reigning monarch at the time, Victoria had 60 years to influence England (All Empires). Queen Victoria impacted history and the 19th Century in many ways, through culture, politics and morality.
Queen Victoria is perhaps most famous for popularizing the white wedding dress (Woodham-Smith). At the time, women were married in dresses of almost any color. However, when pictures of the queen in a beautiful white dress circulated, women began to imitate her example, just as they imitated her hairstyle on the postage (Queen Victoria Penny Black Single). After it became evident that Victoria and her new husband Albert were truly in love the white wedding dress became a romantic symbol of true love. Indeed, Victoria was so in love with her husband that she became quite useless for many years after his death. Her approach to marriage was so different from most royals that it caused people to take notice. Instead of having many different…