The Quest for the Ideal

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Quest for the Ideal Essay
The quest for the ideal can encourage us to develop and evolve for the better. But if perfection – something that is impossible to achieve is what one strives for, it can be quiet unthinkable. It is elusive and complicated on many degrees. Lady of Shalott by Alfred Tennyson, The woman I am in my dreams by Maxime Tynes and Chicken Hips by Catherine Pigott provide a realistic perspective of how beauty shapes the literal and the present world by utilizing rhetorical devices such as (allegory, anaphor and tone.)
The Lady of Shalott, one of the most well known poems about beauty is an allegory, a story that contains a literal and a hidden meaning. Parallelism of both meanings can be seen throughout the poem. For example, the lady of Shalott represents the artist and Shalott represents the artist’s shadow world. This poem has greatly influenced other poems related to beauty and has become one of the most discussed subjects in the literal world. Although the poem itself is unrealistic, the perspective of beauty presented at that time is realistic. The writer attained this by using literal device – anaphor, simile and symbolism. “The lady of Shalott” is emphasized and extensively used numerous times at the beginning of the verse. In this case, the usage of anaphor reinforces the meaning of beauty of Lady Shalott and how she views the world inside and outside of the tower. “The gemmy bridle glitter’d free, like to some branch of stars we se’(Tennyson).

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