The Quinceanera Celebration : The Pathway Of A Young Girl Entering Womanhood

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The Quinceañera Celebration
Among young Hispanic girls, one of the most important and most anticipated events in their lives is the celebration of the fifteenth birthday or quinceañera. The preparation starts right after the girl turns fourteen or even at a much younger age. The family, mostly the mother, can spend months preparing for this big social event in the life of her daughter. Although this celebration is traditionally part of the Latin American culture, in the United States it has become a very common cultural tradition among Latino families whose daughters were not even born in their native countries. The tradition of the quinceañera symbolizes the pathway of a young girl entering womanhood. Therefore, this significant …show more content…

Typically, these celebrations start whenever the venue allows them to start, but most commonly they start around 6pm and end by 12pm. The most surprising thing is that the girls work for months for a celebration what lasts only a few hours.
The whole family came together; part of her family came from New York and Texas. Godparents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who were also the “padrinos” or sponsors; the padrinos are those who have contributed financially to the celebration, padrinos are distinguished because they wear a small corsage. The godparents are very important in this celebration. The godparents presented the porcelain doll to the quinceañera. This was a special moment for the quinceanera because in our culture, godparents are respected the same as blood parents. The first dance was with her father. This first dance is very significant because the father has the opportunity to change the quinceañera ballerina flats with the high-heeled shoes. The cutting of the cake was at the very end of the celebration, the parents gave some words of thanks and the quinceanera as well took a moment to express her gratitude to her parents, family and friends.
Usually, the quinceañera is to be celebrated on the actual birthday of the adolescent, even if the actual day falls on a weekend, the celebration has to be held on the Saturday before or the Saturday after

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