The Racial Stereotyping Of Minority Groups Is A Prevalent

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The racial stereotyping of minority groups is a prevalent problem within the United State’s criminal justice system. It is a regrettable issue which permeates American society. The young Black male, in particular, is often portrayed as a criminal based on incorrect assumptions regarding who perpetrates crime. There are several components contributing to the criminal stigma of Blacks. The way crime is conveyed by American culture is possibly as important as how crime actually functions. The widespread belief that Black males commit the majority of crime skews the view society’s perception of Blacks. Typifications of Black males include a violent, threatening, thug-like character. The connection between race and crime is so deeply seeded in …show more content…

Recently, these numbers receded but the stigma remains. Research indicates the crimes Blacks commit surpass the expected rates, based on the racial composition of America. These statistics are further exacerbated because Black males commit more frightening and violent crimes. The war on drugs was a dominant contributor to the “Black” typification of crime. In the 1980s, the Reagan administration waged the war on drugs. In accordance with this agenda, strict penalties were enacted to “crack down” on crack cocaine. Crack cocaine is a less expensive drug predominately used by the lower class, specifically minorities. The Black population suffered under these new laws but Whites were largely unaffected. While drug use is prevalent at similar rates across races, whites are more likely to use powder cocaine which law enforcement agencies tend not to acknowledge. Crack cocaine became the target of harsh penalties because it is affordable, accessible, and used primarily by Blacks. The war on drugs is occasionally referred to as the war on Blacks due to the high incarceration rate of the Black population during this time. Illegal drugs are often associated with robbery and assault which further perpetuates the stereotype of the “Black criminal”. The criminal justice system processes a disproportionate amount of minority offenders. The number of minority offenders is greater than their representation in

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