The Racism Of African Americans

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From the beginning African Americans started off as kings and queens of Africa. They ruled their own people. Stories have been told how the rulers were tricked by English men or most commonly known as the “white man.” This has been configured and no one really knows the true story because we didn’t exist then. African Americans were deprived from their mainland. Blacks were then transported to the New America. In 1619, the first blacks were enslaved in Virginia. They were used to do many jobs by owners because Caucasians couldn’t handle being in the sun for long periods of time but blacks were called the lazy ones. African Americans as a group were discriminated, enslaved, and had no power.
There is two types of racism which is overt and subtle. Overt racism is more blatant and may take the form of public statements about the inferiority of members of a racial or ethnic group. For example, a racist chanting during a public event. Subtle racism, for example, suggesting an African Americans athletes have natural abilities for a certain sports. African Americans get both types of this racism. It goes from signs, flags, entertainment, etc. In entertainment we are nationally talked about comedies, television shows, reality, etc. Blacks are portrayed as loud and it shows just a couple individuals and we are discriminated by their actions. The things people see on television by a particular race, people assume the entire race does that or contribute to their actions. Media is a

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