The Radley Side Of Silence Analysis

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Partition is the unspoken and repressed historical memory of those that lived in the time of British India. Partition persists as one of the utmost important historical events to ever take place in India, plaguing the collective memories of families in Pakistan and India. Partition occurred in 1947 when the British ended their colonization of India and created two independent dominions, India and Pakistan. The result of this division left 10 to 12 million people displaced, large-scale violence, and an estimated two million dead. India and Pakistan were created because of the Radcliffe Line. The Radcliffe Line was a border drawn by Sir Cyril Radcliffe of Great Britain that separated India into two dominions based on religious majority, natural boundaries, communications, watercourses, irrigation systems, and other undefined factors. Historians generally describe the horrendous acts done throughout Partition as in the interest of political indifferences and neglect the various factors that attributed to the chaos throughout Partition. The Radcliffe line is one of the many elements that contributed to the terror and dismay during Partition: untouchability, caste system, religious indifferences, gender, Hindu nationalism and honor are other underlying factors illuminated in Urvashi Butalia’s The Other Side Of Silence and in the film Earth. The Other Side of Silence and Earth provide a unique perspective on Partition in the way that both of these works enable the reader and

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