The Ranger 's Apprentice : The Royal Ranger

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I am reading the final book in the Ranger 's Apprentice: The Royal Ranger. In the book, Will has to take on an apprentice. She is the crown princes of Araluen, and the daughter of Will’s best friends, Evanlyn and Horace. They want Will to take her on as an apprentice because of two reasons. Reason one, Will has become obsessed with hunting down the gang members who lead to his wife’s, Alyss, death, and they hope that taking on an apprentice will help to get his mind of Alyssa 's death. Reason two is, Maddie, Evanlyn and Horace’s daughter, has listening issues, and they hope life as a ranger 's apprentice will fix them. In this journal I will be predicting and characterizing. Within this book, I predict Maddie will stay a ranger, and that Will will be completely pulled out of his depression. To start with, I predict Maddie will want to stay a ranger and not go back to being a princess. The first piece of evidence, is her answer to Young Bob’s question at Young Bob’s ranch. This quote helps to explain what happened, “‘There’s never been a girl apprentice before,’ he said. She nodded, ‘I know.’ ‘So, how are you enjoying it? Do you like it?’... ‘Yes. I am,’ she said after a pause. She was surprised to find that she meant it” (Flanagan 156). This shows proves that she will stay a ranger over a princess. This proves this because she found life at Castle Araluen limited and restricting. As a ranger she found that her life is now much more unrestrictive. The second piece

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