The Rape of Europa Essay

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The Rape of Europa

Culture is the total of the inherited ideas, values, beliefs, and knowledge which constitute the shared basis of social action. Every society across the world has adopted or created some sort of cultural heritage which they follow. Over centuries in Europe, several great empires have attempted to unite the European nations together leaving behind ruins of once gleaming cities. Could culture survive however if all pieces of artwork and historic architecture were obliterated by war? This culture may not be widely practiced but it will not be lost, having artwork and architecture simply enhance the cultural acceptance. Easily seen through the resurrecting of Babylonian structure in Germany today, the ancient culture in
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The culture however was not dead but thriving. Prophesized by Nebuchadnezzar that Babylon would be seceded by the exact countries that did and that a second Babylon would be built again, the Strasburg site directly shows the prophecy come eerily true. With this building along with the restoration of artifacts from the original Babylon, the culture was coming back in the ignorance of man and false worship. Not only did Germany begin to reconstruct the biblical city but Iraq also did under the control of Saddam Hussein. Following the idea of uniting the European countries, Saddam began to reconstruct the ancient city of Babylon directly on top of the original. Trying to unite the west with Islam, the attempt coincides near perfectly with the cultural belief of having other Godly figures and the prophecy of what was to come with the second Babylon. Both with Germany and Iraq, when the cultural beliefs of straying from God and mankind with their power seemingly above any other take over the societies experience economic and social turmoil. Cultural beliefs are reminded everyday of their significance in our lives through the preservation of artwork and architecture. If these were to be completely obliterated in war the culture does not simply stop but may have a dampening effect. A culture over time could very well die out but just because there is no evidence does not mean it’s dead, the artwork and architecture simply increase the social awareness and is
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