The Rapidly Evolving Energy Crisis

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One of the biggest problems we face in the growing world today, not just as a country but also as the whole planet, is the rapidly evolving energy crisis. With the depletion of our fossil fuels on the rise, along with mass pollution emitted from the power plants that produce energy from these sources, we turn to other methods of producing electricity to help provide the vast majority of power for the world. The biggest issue with factoring out fossil fuel is that currently, fossil fuels create such a large percentage of the world’s electricity, and the majority of ways to produce electricity, that closing the gap left by fossil fuels means mass development on a global scale of other methods to produce electricity or creating a new way to produce electricity that is surpassingly effective. The big question that we are facing here is how are we going to generate the electricity lost to fossil fuels. In the world today about 68% of our electricity is produced from using fossil fuels. This breaks down into 41% from coal, 21% from gas, and 5.5% from oil. Another 13.4% of our power is produced from nuclear fission, and then the last 19% is from hydro and other renewable sources such as wind and solar. This leaves us with only two possible means to produce electricity, nuclear and renewable sources. Now renewable sources are fantastic for producing energy in the sense that as long as there is light, wind, and water you will have a fuel supply for virtually forever, but they are
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