The Raven: The Daughter Of Benjamin Atkins

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The world views Raven as another Beyonce because she was treated like royalty. “She was hood royalty, the daughter of Benjamin Atkins-- the most notorious kingpin the city had seen thus far-- and she wore her title well” (49). Wherever Raven went, all eyes were on her. “Heads turned as everyone tried to catch sight of the infamous Raven Atkins” (48). Women wanted to hate on Raven while men tried to get her attention every chance they had gotten. “N***** were thirsty as they tried to get at her, spitting whack game, each hoping he would be the lucky one she had chose” (49). “She was so fly that even the b****** couldn’t hate on her” (50). Raven played her position as a drug dealer's daughter and she played it well. “She was the princess of

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