The Reading Of The Letter Of Pope Urban II Essay

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In the reading of the “Letter of Pope Urban II, 1095, a little bell rings the name Paul. The Paul that was once known as “Saul,” in relaxing and listening to the tape of Pope Urban II, as he recites this letter. It is as though Paul and Peter, the Apostles of Jesus has returned from the grave, and you hear, Paul states, “Beloved Brethren and Sisters, I speak with you from the zeal of God, as an Ambassador (paraphrase).” (Ephesians 6:20) Pope Urban II uses the scriptures to goat the people into during what he requires them to do, by using the “Word of God.” Pope Urban II, speaks with authority as though he is god, then he throws in the true God, whom the people need to obey. In other words, he speaks as a man with earthly power and authority, but uses the words of God to hide behind. Pope Urban II is a well known monk. In the eleventh century, “there was a host of monasteries who received exemptions from the jurisdiction of bishops, for which they made a payment to Rome, and associated themselves with Cluny. Cluny began to bring under its leadership other Benedictine monasteries, which had been isolated, to form a congregation of monasteries. Many Cluniac monks became bishops, and Cluniac abbots attended diocesan and provincial synods. In this time period, popes Clement II, Gregory VII, and Urban II were Cluniac monks.” In 1078, Gregory VII sent for Pope Urban II to come to Rome, and “he was made the Cardinal Bishop of Ostia.” Pope Urban II was sent as Papal

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