The Real Charlotte Character Analysis Of Charlotte

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In the film “The Real Charlotte,” based on the novel of the same title, written by Edith Sommerville and Martin Ross, Charlotte can be perceived in a variety of different ways. The film takes place during the 19th century, in an Anglo-Irish world, where there are social expectations of women to become a housewife and tend to their husbands needs, opposed to holding a job and social status. In this paper, there will be an analysis of how Charlotte’s true personality, priorities, and devious actions towards others is a result of her reacting against the patriarchal roles during the late 19th century of the Anglo-Irish world. Despite the fact that Charlotte is a smart and intelligent woman, as well as the daughter of “the Bruff estate agent,” she was denied the position of estate agent due to the fact that she is a female. This rejection led to Charlotte living a social-hungry life, where she is desperate and will go to any cost to rise in the social ladder and gain any type of power she can.
Charlotte presents herself to others in a very masculine way. She resumes the roles of a male, doing all the house repairs due to the fact that she views herself as an equal to them. She has her feet up on the desk at work and throws back alcohol in one sip, just as the men would do. She is straying far from the norm of what is socially accepted of woman during that time, reacting against what is expected of her.

A characteristic of Charlotte is she prides herself on her abilities and

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