The Reality Of Alleged Police Misconduct

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Patrick, Mattiocco
Mr. Bordner
Period 4
24 April, 2017
The Reality of Alleged Police Misconduct
The idea of police brutality being a major problem in the United States has many people wondering if the police are there on the streets to protect the citizens, or to abuse them. Police brutality in the United States is not the problem. “Brutality Isn’t the Problem, It’s People Who “Disrespect Our Authority” (Grigg). Many individuals in the United States have the idea that it is all right to override a police officer’s authority that’s given to them to use to enforce the laws in a justified way properly. An important rule that the people fail to recognize is the fact that when a cop tells you to do something, then better do it to avoid …show more content…

If police officers do not contain a situation when it is small, then it will become much harder to control later.
Numerous cases of police brutality would mostly involve videos that act as evidence to testify against police officers who get accused of brutality. Many videos that show the acts of police brutality are twisted to make it seem as the police are unconstitutional and unfit to uphold the law. Police can prove that the acts of cruelty that they get accused of is invalid.
Treatments between police officers and the citizens are not much different. People who dislike they are targeting police, and yet when police officers try to defend themselves from people attempting to inflict harm towards them, they get accused of being brutal towards a person who shows acts of threats directed towards police officers.
The idea of racial profiling in America does over is exaggerated since there are many individuals across the United States believe that the police will target them due to the color of their skin. These acts are true, because that officers across the United States have sworn that they will support & defend the Constitution from people who inflict chaos within the nation. There are movements like the black lives matters movement that is always implying that police officers will aggressively attack them if they feel as they are suspicious looking due to their skin color. Police officers are there

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