The Reason Why I Want to Study in Maranatha High School

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There was a famous scientist who put forward the first idea that the planets in the solar system are going around the sun. But his idea didn't been believed in back then. His name is Nicholas Copernicus, and he referred to God in his works, and didn't believe that there is any contraction between his system and the Bible.(Banville) And there was an other great scientist called Isaac Newton, he is a genius in In mechanics, and mathematics. But very less people know that he believe in God.(Force) There are more scientist who believe in God, such as Galileo Galilei and Albert Einstein. My dream is to graduate from the best America university and then to be a great scientist who can help others to live a better life. So I need to work on three things, first to be stronger inside, second to learn more, to find a chance to help people. Firstly, I want to learn more about God, because I don't know much. I know that it is a very good thing to have something to believe in. And so many famous scientist believe in God, so I wonder how does this believing help them to succeed. All of them had a very hard time, but they went through it also, I think that's because they have the strong heart inside them. I know it won't be easy for me to be a scientist, because I am not good as others in many places sometimes. And I know that there will be many difficulties waiting for me in the future. That's why I need to have faith in something. I need the power to underpins me to keep

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