Adolf Hitler Rise To Power Essay

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Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler was one of the most powerful, bloodlust dictators of the 20th century, rising to power in 1933 as chancellor

after the devastations of World War I on Germany. After the war, attributable to the Treaty of Versailles, mass unemployment and societal variance, Hitler used these factors to create promises addressing these popular needs to specific societal groups, leading to his rise to power in Germany.

Following the destruction of World War I, Adolf Hitler despised the Treaty of Versailles force on Germany, thus promising German citizens that if he were to be in power, he would overturn the Treaty of Versailles to give back germany ‘her pride’. The end of World War I occurred with a selection of German individuals, flying to Paris and signing the treaty of Versailles which stated that germany was at fault for the war, and needed to sacrifice land and 6000 million in reparations paid in installments. Before in power, hitler was mortified, believing that germany were suffering for things which they did not deserve, Hitler directed his hatred for the Treat into his power-striven promises to the public. It was promised that if the Nazi’s were to be in power, that the treaty of Versailles would be ‘abolished’ , with the aim to decrease the inflation caused by the taxes used to pay for the reparations. This appealed greatly to the German working class,, with mass unemployment and hunger swiftly increasing. According to Hitler, germany had lost ‘he her

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