The Reasons for Coming to America

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People immigrated to America for a plethora of different reasons, some of which included religion, freedom to create, and the opportunity for a prosperous life. However, it is possible for all of these reasons to be grouped into one, extremely simplified, category. Someone wasn’t happy in their own country, and they thought they would be happier in America. Immigrants firmly believed that their life would be better in America, so they abandoned their home country. They left to escape the hardships of their former life, but they had no idea how many hardships awaited them; circumstances made their lives problematic regardless of where they lived. Immigrants held an extremely wearying existence. Masses of people immigrated to America because they felt as if they had valid grounds to depart from their nation. Many of these reasons involved personal beliefs, such as religion. Religion has always been a deciding factor for immigrants; in fact, it was the reason the Pilgrims traveled to America. An abundance of religious tension took place in the early 1600s when the king, James I, decided the religion of the entire country based upon his own spiritual ideas. King James I was a protestant (“Pilgrims’ Progress”). Any person caught practicing any other form of Christianity, besides the form approved by the king, was killed or imprisoned, so the Puritans, who disagreed with the king’s spiritual beliefs, left England and became known as the Pilgrims (BBC News). The

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