The Recidivism Area On Juvenile Delinquency

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In order to conduct research in the recidivism area, the use of secondary data will be used as an appropriate method for analysis. This analysis consists of measuring traditional penal sanctions such as incarceration versus alternative ways such as a rehabilitation treatment to deal with juvenile delinquency and investigate how it affects recidivism rates. The primary attention for this research proposal purpose is to rely only on juvenile delinquency data as the necessary specific information is not available for the adult population. Certainly, limitations exist as data is not collected by the author of this research proposal. However, due to limited resources this proposal utilizes quantitative methods based on secondary data regardless…show more content…
Although, there are some disadvantages about using secondary data. For example, if the expert collecting the information had other purposes in mind or if the data is interpreted in a different way could affect the validity of the research analysis. Also, the person or people collecting this data may only capture the information needed to prove their point or even manipulate the statistics. Nonetheless, a secondary data analysis is a suitable option because of the reasons previously mentioned, albeit probable disadvantages exist. The secondary data used for this research has been published on the Kids Count data center which is part of the Project of the Annie E. Casey Foundation website ("Annie E. Casey Foundation," 2015). This organization’s main goal is an attempt to develop a better future for many children at risk due to low economic status, limited educational opportunities and other difficult situations. The Annie E. Casey Foundation (2015) was initiated in 1948 and their hard work has been compensated by accomplishing the improvement of a numerous children as well as their families. This website presents several types of raw data collected over the years that is available to the public for analysis or for informational purposes only. Indeed, the Kids Count data center provides specific information labeled as Safety & Risky Behaviors which will be the main focus
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